Road Assist

Never worry about breakdowns, flat tyres or accidents again. This is Singapore’s best road assistance service. Period.

Breakdowns or Accident (own damage)

Call us and within 1 hour, our Rapid Recovery Team will be on-site at your vehicle to replace the tyre or battery. We promise you the lowest retail price (w/o discounts) for tyres and batteries.

If towing to a workshop for repairs is required, we will help you arrange for it and wait for the tow truck to arrive on your behalf. Meanwhile, we will book an Uber for you to go where you need to be, free of charge. Our friendly recovery specialist will carry out your exact instructions and once the vehicle is ready, we will deliver it to your doorstep, with compliments.

3rd Party Accidents

If you get into an accident with a 3rd party, call us immediately, even before getting out of your car! In such cases, every action in those few minutes matters and we will advise you on exactly what you need to do to minimise the risk of false or inflated 3rd party claims which will adversely affect your no-claim bonus.

If needed, a recovery specialist will arrive on-site and help with the required follow-up actions. We will also help you make the necessary accident report to IDAC/authorised workshops, monitor the progress of repairs to ensure it is done properly and deliver it back to your doorstep once your car is good to go.

Summary of Services

1. 24/7 hotline support
2. Start-to-end accident advice and handling service
3. Unlimited free towing services
4. Complimentary Uber ride to your next destination
5. Unlimited free on-site assistance (free tow to workshop if needed)
6. Unlimited battery and tyre on-site replacement, with best price guarantees (for comparable make and model of tyres & batteries)


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