Car Ownership
Made Easy

We take care of troublesome stuff like Servicing, Breakdowns, Accidents and more!

Enjoy the freedom to JustDrive

Concierge Service
For Your Car

I don’t want to waste time waiting at workshops

JustDrive sends your car there and returns it to you!

I worry I'm not getting the best deal for servicing and repairs

JustDrive gets you quality parts and labour at exclusive discounted rates!

I'll feel stressed as I'm not sure what to do if my car breaks down or I have an accident

JustDrive has you covered with fast response roadside assistance 24/7. Plus we help protect your No Claims Discount (NCD)!

I don’t want to pay full price for fuel. The more savings, the better!

JustDrive members get the best fuel discounts via our partnership with DBS/Esso. Up to 21.6%!

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